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NKG Kefia Pure Daily Collagen Charge 75g (2.5g x 30 sachets) [Beauty Babe]
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Product SKU NKG Kefia Pure Daily Collagen Charge 75g
Brand NKG Kefir
Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 6 cm x 13 cm
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  • Skin & hair will get protected and you will feel your skin more elastic
  • Stronger bone
  • Collagen will make you have a clear vision
  • Improve skin cell to grow and hold together. Make the skin feel brighter.
  • Protect internal organ
  • Improve Insomnia issue. Slow down ant-aging process
  • Ingredients are natural. Pregnancy are welcome to take.
What is so special about Kefia Pure Collagen Peptide 10000mg?

- This product produced by a 43 years old Japan company. This company experience with probiotic supplements.
- Japanese recommended collagen supplement.
- Low calories
- 1 sachet included 10000mg of pure collagen peptide
- No fishy smell.
- Made in JAPAN.

Benefits :

- High anti-oxidant, Delay aging
- Helps in collagen synthesis
- Reduce wrinkles
- Strengthen bones
- Relieve menopausal symptoms
- Enhance digestion
- Maintain eye health
- Strengthens

Kefia Pure Daily Collagen Charge

Why we develop Kefir Pure Daily Collagen Charge

The production of collagen in our skin decreases rapidly in the mid 20s, which causes our skin to lose its ability to maintain its firmness, suppleness, and elasticity. Exposure to UV light, stress and consumption of unhealthy foods further accelerates the rate of collagen degradation. Hence, it is essential to supplement collagen loss with a source of collagen that is easily absorbable to boost collagen levels in the skin and other connective tissues.


30 sachets (2.5g/sachet)


1 sachet per day




Fish collagen peptide(contained gelatine),starch syrup of reduced malt sugar/citric acid, sweetener(aspartame Lphenylalanine), flavoring

Nutrition Facts: (per sack/2.5g)Energy 9.4kcal, Protein 1.8g, Fat 0.0g, Carbohydrate 0.6g, Sodium 0.007g

Package size: W10.0cm X D6.0cm X H13.5cm

Characteristics of our Collagen

Collagen is the primary structural protein in skin, hair, nails. It is responsible for maintaining elasticity of these tissues.Our product contains clinically researched, low molecular weight fish Collagen Peptides. Taken as a dietary supplement, it supports skin elasticity and hydration.

Bring You the lasting Beauty

1.Promote healthy, hydrated skin & cell regeneration 2.Improve skin elasticity & firmness3.Minimize fine lines and wrinkles4.Supports the bodys natural healing process

Beauty Care

Made in japan


High Quality Collagen Supplement Made in Japan

Produced by enzymatic hydrolysis of freshwater fish

No fish smell

Protein content more than 90%

Low molecular weight Collagen and Better absorption
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